A fashionable, functional and fun drink bottle that keeps drinks Cool and Hot


A little about THE JADO


My name is Jado,

Several years ago I had a stopover in Dubai. The weather lived up to expectations and it was stifling hot outside!

Usually when planning a beach visit with an outside temp of 45 degrees I would have pre frozen my plastic drink bottle. Having only arrived that morning my friend gave me a drink bottle of chilled water.

While at the beach I made a lame attempt to shade my stainless steel bottle from the heat using the corner of my towel.

Hours later we eventually got out of the water. I looked at my friend Andrew and said sarcastically “gee this will be refreshing.”

To my surprise not only was the water still cold, it was as though it had come straight out of the fridge!

I couldn't believe what I had just experienced. This drink bottle was an exciting phenomenon I had to share with anyone and everyone!

From that day the seed for the creation of THE JADO had been planted

I want everyone to experience the surprise of refreshing chilled drinks when using THE JADO.

THE JADO will also maintain heat so it is a perfect accessory all year round.

THE JADO is a proud supporter of a clean Australia. We're eco friendly.

Reduce the waste of plastic bottles in our environment by buying THE JADO{C}