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Bottled water is increasingly popular in Australia. However, plastic bottles generate an enormous amount of waste that is ending up in landfill or even worse in our environment. According to the 2010 Clean Up Australia Rubbish Report, one in ten items found on Clean Up Australia Day were related to plastic drinking bottles.

By avoiding bottled water and refilling THE JADO bottle you can help conserve virgin resources and protect our pristine nature. Another great side effect is saving money. One bottle of water can cost you several dollars   versus only a few cents per litre for tap water. So start refilling THE JADO today. If you don’t have one, visit our store!


Plastic water bottles are littering the world.  

Australians use 14 BILLION drink containers each year. Less than 40% are recycled. 

More than 7 BILLION Bottles end up in landfill or in our environment

90% of the cost of a bottle of water is in the packaging, labeling and the lid.


THE JADO avoids excess packaging where possible.

Plastic bottles are among the top 10 most picked up item on Clean Up Australia Day

Bottled water costs nearly twice as much per litre then petrol.

It can take 250ml of oil to produce 1 bottle of drinking water

Most bottled water is contained in polyethylene terephthalate (PET ) which is derived from crude oil. It can take 3L of water to produce 1L of bottled water

It can take 1000 years for a plastic bottle to break down in landfill.

The Australian drinking water guidelines are some of the most stringent in the world.

The Jado is eco friendly.